Chuck Maiden


I was originally trained in graphic design and, beginning in 1994, became a Photoshop colorist working for Malibu and Marvel Comics. Working at Malibu, I painted several trading cards for the Overpower game. I painted Spiderman, The Thing, Dr. Octopus and many other famous Marvel characters.

In 1997, I began work on King of the Hill as a background layout artist, occasionally designing backgrounds. My second season there, I joined the background painting department working with watercolors and later with Photoshop. I also freelanced on several other backgound painting assignments for Film Roman and DIC Entertainment, including a direct to DVD feature, Our Friend Martin. In the past few seasons of King of the Hill, I used SketchUp, a 3D program to set up background layout shots. In 2008, I became the background layout supervisor for the show. After 12 seasons of King of the Hill, I’ve worked as a colorist on The Super Hero Squad Show at Film Roman and NFL Rush Zone at Rollman Entertainment. Since 2010, I’ve worked as a colorist on American Dad! for Fox Television Animation, painting characters, props and backgrounds in Photoshop. I also teach a Photoshop painting class at Studio Arts in Los Angeles.


  • Animation color key design
  • background layout/design/painting
  • concept
  • illustration
  • SketchUp modeling and supervision.


  • Photoshop
  • Painter
  • SketchUp
  • Flash and traditional media.